"Gayl is a godsend! We blew through my entire house, every closet, drawer, etc., including the dreaded basement and garage. Gayl’s energy never waned, which kept me moving and engaged. She set up an entire system that my family can follow, to make clean up easier. My desk is my worst “hotspot,” but Gayl barreled through it all, including boxes and bags of decades old papers and memorabilia."
Kenilworth, IL
"Working with Gayl has changed our family life. I spend much less time at my desk, since it’s more organized, and the systems she put in place are so easy for me to maintain and make getting things done much faster. Cooking is more enjoyable because everything is organized and in a place that makes it readily available when I need it."
Yoga Teacher
Wilmette, IL
"The thing I enjoyed most about working with Gayl - besides her sunny disposition in the face of what felt to me like insurmountable tasks - was her subtle way of helping me figure out what was underlying my hesitation to let go of things I clearly didn’t need anymore. Her background in social work sets her far apart from other people in this field. She is detail oriented, a great problem solver, has tremendous energy, and creative brilliant ideas. I would hire her again in a heartbeat."
Fitness Instructor
Lake Bluff, IL
"Gayl is very task oriented and offers lots of affirmation, which I needed. She’s also totally respectful and judgment free of sentimental items that may look like junk to an outsider. Gayl’s a pleasure to be with for long periods, both keeping it light and offering deeper counsel when it’s desired. After every session I felt great about myself and my progress.
Business Professional
Winnetka, IL