The Art of Organization was developed out of a need and a desire to have order and visual clarity. Order in your material world can translate into order in your life.  When you begin to have your things in place, you can then focus on the more important things in life. Helping people organize their personal space can allow them to move forward and reach their goals.  Having fun, trust and working in a supportive and confidential environment are key principles for the company. 

If you are ready to begin to simplify your home, set up systems in your home office, get your car into your garage and organize just about any part of your material world, contact The Art of Organization. It is time to begin to transform your surroundings so you can feel good in your environment.

Organization is a way to live. Its a way to enjoy what is really special around you.

Gayl Monto, owner, graduated from The University of Michigan with degrees in Political Science and Psychology.  She has worked in consulting and advertising. She feels strongly about helping others reach their goals and has the enthusiasm, techniques and experience to organize your space.

Gayl is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and has attended numerous workshops and seminars on residential and small business organizing.

Gayl’s passions include architecture and design, home renovations, calligraphy and transforming chaos into order.


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