Organizing in the Time of COVID-19

As summer 2020 comes to a close, and the weather is getting colder, we will all be spending more and more time indoors. It is important, both for your mental and physical health, that your surroundings be clean and organized. While this may seem like a daunting task, a professional organizer can help. Keep reading for a full list of reasons why now is the time to hire organizational assistance.

  • Having an organized home can increase productivity during a stressful time. A professional organizer can work with you, or independently, to create systems where you know where all of your things are. In order to do so, they may use specialized labels or organize your belongings strategically by category. 
  • Hiring a professional organizer can help with your mental health during the pandemic. Having a messy and disorganized living or work area can be overwhelming, and induce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Whether you have a chaotic home office, disorderly kitchen, or overflowing closet, organizing these spaces will greatly improve your headspace.      
  • A professional organizer can implement a COVID-19 friendly organizational strategy in your home. For example, taking steps to arrange your cleaning products, creating a space for hosting guests in a socially distant manner outdoors, or implementing sanitation measures in the home are all great ways to make sure you are prepared for the winter months inside your home. 
  • If you are not comfortable with a professional organizer inside your home, your garage may be a great place to start! The garage is often overlooked when organizing, but where storage and clutter frequently collect. Getting rid of garbage and creating systems in the space where you may frequently enter and exit your home, is a great place to begin the organizational process. 

Please note: The Art of Organization’s primary concern is our clients’ safety. We will be taking preventative sanitation measures during organization sessions, including but not limited to, wearing a mask, the consistent use of hand sanitizer, and any other protective requests. During a time where there are so many additional daily stressors, let The Art of Organization take the organizing and decluttering of your home, off your plate! Call/text 847.971.1090 or email Gayl at for more information!

Gayl Monto The Art of Organization
Gayl Monto, LCSW, CADC, Owner of The Art of Organization