5 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Organizer

5 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Organizer The Art of Organization

As a result of physical distancing, many of us have some extra “free time” on our hands. With this extra time, there is growing pressure from social media, and from ourselves, to be productive, and organize our personal spaces. However, thinking about tackling your closet or organizing your office can be extremely overwhelming. Fear not, with the help of a professional organizer, and the use of technology, taking the next step towards organization can be “virtually” stress-free. 

A professional organizer can help to guide you, support you, and keep you accountable during the virtual organization process. What are the benefits of virtual organization?   

1. There are more opportunities for flexible scheduling through virtual organizing.

With the use of technology, you can schedule a virtual organizing session at a time that is most convenient for you. Whether early in the morning, during your lunch break, or late in the evening, virtual organizing offers increased flexibility for both parties since no travel is involved. Also, shorter and more targeted sessions can be helpful. 

Labeled Boxes Shelf The Art of Organization
“Essential” bins – categorized and labeled

2. Virtual organizing can be less intrusive than having a professional organizer in your home or office space. 

Thinking about an area that needs decluttering, organizing, and/or cleaning can bring up feelings of self-consciousness. Virtual organizing is a great alternative to in-person organization since you are interacting with a professional organizer through video communication. You are still receiving professional guidance and support, but you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to where you want to focus your organizational efforts.

3. Virtual organizing is a great tool for reducing anxiety during a stressful time. 

Beginning to work with a virtual organizer to start a new project, no matter how big or small, has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Mental health is especially important to monitor right now, when the effects of COVID-19 are impacting so many individuals in a negative way. Working with a professional organizer is an excellent way to feel happier, accomplished, and excited with your newly organized space!

Labeled Boxes Basement The Art of Organization
Playroom bins and shelf organizer

4. Get rid of multiples and throw away excess clutter through virtual organizing.

Over time, memorabilia, collections, and household items can grow exponentially until they take over shelves or drawers. Virtual organizing allows you to work with an organizer to assess which items you use the most and which multiples make the most sense to keep. Discarding clutter will allow for more open and clean space. Another benefit of this process and great way to give back is through donating items that would help those in need. 

Closet The Art of Organization
Closet categorized clothing – bottoms hung on lower racks

5. Virtual organizing can help you develop a new organizational system.   

A virtual organizing session requires you to be active and hands-on. Being on the other end of the screen, along with the assistance of the professional organizer, will help you to identify an effective system for cleaning and organizing your space. Gaining these new skills and insights will help you to establish a new organizational system moving forward.

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Gayl Monto The Art of Organization
Gayl Monto, LCSW, CADC, Owner of The Art of Organization